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A familiar idea, helping to show how 2 separate or different items can be brought together to produce in the overlapping area a 'combined result' e.g S and H are combined to give 'SH' Made from a tough semi-rigid plastic, these new overlays are long lasting and self-supporting, so that they can be propped up in front of any whiteboard or big book easel. They can also be hand-held or fastened to a wall. Compatible with the majority of whiteboard markers. Size: 720 x 635mm Please Note: These Overlays should be stored Flat Also available an Easel (code 1a) and Table Top Whiteboard (code 300), with rear storage area for the overlays.

Venn Diagram Overlay

SKU: TT261
£13.99 Regular Price
£11.99Sale Price
Excluding VAT
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