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This giant timeline, charts history from Neanderthals, through the Ice and Stone Ages right up to modern times with the recent Coalition Government. Each A4 section covers a major time period of British history, such as the 'Tudors', as required in the new history curriculum. Also included however, are events that are of particular interest to children, such as the first animation on TV. The idea is to have the timeline on display in a corridor or in a hall, and being largely pictorial, it attracts curious young eyes, introducing them to history. As an educational tool, children can then be encouraged to do further investigation OR use the QR codes along the line, which can be scanned, to access further information about each time period. (QR codes can be read using a mobile phone or tablet).
Sizes : 890cm x 21cm wide
Material : Made as a series of rigid, weatherproof aluminum plates that butt together. Fixed in place using screw kit provided.
Corners : A corner kit is available to allow this timeline to go round corners if needed, kit code 406c
Snaking Kit : This allows the timeline to snake backwards and forwards up and down the same wall if preferable to a straight line, kit code 406d
Supplied : In lengths 120cm long by 21cm wide.


Other options : Local history about your school or area can be added, see code 406a.

Outdoor Timeline

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