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Graduated 0 - 100 lines, with well defined intervals at 5 and 10. Space to left for writing in numbers. Low cost, roll up, front of class, teaching resource. A dry wipe plastic overlay with holes at top, to fit onto a flip chart easel. Size L. 810mm W. 540mm. Comes with storage tube. If using over a metal whiteboard surface, then our full range of magnetic accessories can also be used (See range : Home page/accessories) If purchasing for use with the Learning with Linden whiteboard easel(code 1a)and overlay holder, then you will also need to purchase 2 battens per overlay. (Choose - Overlay Battens: Home page/accessories).

Graph Square Overlay

SKU: 73a
£8.75 Regular Price
£7.99Sale Price
Excluding VAT
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