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The entire range of Overlays are now available as scaled down versions suitable to hand out to pupils or for use on an overhead projector. Both dry wipe and water soluble OHP pens are compatible with them. They can be purchased individually, as a full range of twenty six different designs, or as a pupil pack of thirty. You can also choose any preferred ten, which could be ten of one design or ten different designs. Clear OHP's are available to allow teachers to prepare their own overhead designs, using a permanet marker pen. Full Range of 26 Includes: Clocks - OHP41, Shapes - OHP40, Clear - OHP35, Alphabet & Lines - OHP65, Lines - OHP67, Counting Lines - OHP66, Function Factory - OHP68, Calendar - OHP69, Grid Square - OHP39, Graph Square - OHP73, Multi Square - OHP75, 100 Square - OHP38, 99 Square - OHP74, Purse & Money - OHP159, Dots - OHP160, Dots Plus - OHP161, Thermometers - OHP252, Street Scene - OHP254, Hand & Eye Co-ordination - OHP255, A-M Letter Forming - OHP256, N-Z Letter Forming -OHP256c, Find the Letter - OHP257, Map of Europe - OHP259, Map of United Kingdom - OHP260, Venn Diagram - OHP261, Big Dial - OHP253.

Full Range of 26 Mini Overlays

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