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Within 5 minutes the large Scene Setter Frames can be converted into a magical hideaway environment, dramatically increasing the scope of this product. With the Den Kit in place, the Theme Screens can still provide a backdrop for role play but they can now also be used as: A reading corner, a dark Den, a reward scheme space, a stimulus area for creative writing and as a theatre/stage. With the rope lighting inside together with the pair of photographic backdrops (of which there are 14 to choose from) and the sequined roof, this helps to create an enchanting environment that is very appealing to children. Height in centre 1500mm x height at sides 1200mm. Frontage : 2700mm. Suits children 3+ right through primary age group. Kit includes: Flexible Neon lighting strip, outer washable cover, roof frame kit and storage bag.

Full Den Kit

SKU: 290
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