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Clouds' is a method for dealing with conflicts and for resolving dilemmas. It is based on the 'Theory of Constraints', first devised by Dr. Eli Goldratt in the USA. It works by teaching us to take a step back from a conflict, which is viewed as a 'clash of wants', to understand why we want something and what needs this is based on. This is well proven system which can have a transformative effect throughout a whole school, helping to resolve recurring difficulties such as unacceptable behaviour, bullying, name calling, truancy and disobedience. The resulting benefits to a school include: Improving thinking/logic skills and problem solving abilty. Better Communication between children and teacher/pupil. A greater sense of fairness in the school. Can be applied to many areas of the curriculum, particularly subjects such as: Drug awareness, Road safety, meeting strangers,home safety. Health education -eg.healthy eating and sun care.

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