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FAQ - Roadside Range

How do the lights work?

Each light is operated individually from the side of the light box. The lights are coloured spheres in a tube that revolve revealing a black or coloured side, giving the effect of the light being on or off. This is best illustrated on the video clip entitled 'Roadside Range' on the Home Page.

What working parts are there on the pedestrian crossing traffic lights?

  • The red, amber and green lights

  • The 'Wait' box on the pole has a red button and a clicking revolving 'wait' display

  • On the side of the traffic light is the pedestrian crossing display area. Here the Red man, revolves to become a green man and when turned again becomes a flashing green man. This is best illustrated on the video clip entitled 'Roadside Range' on the Home Page



What awards has this range won?

This range was launched in 1996 at the Nursery & Creche Show and was the winner of the 'Activity Play' category at the New Product Awards, hosted at the show.

Can these lights be used for road safety demonstrations?

They are designed to fulfil this role, as well as being suitable for role play in an early years setting. With two of the PC traffic lights you can mimic faithfully how to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. The lights and set up are all completely realistic.

Do the lights work, following the proper sequence?

No, they all operate independently. This allows children to experiment freely with them to discover the correct sequence through trial and error.

What are the sizes?

  • The signs and lights are 1100mm high

  • The diameter of the bases is : 280mm

  • The diameter of the Road signs is : 370mm

What changes have been made to the base?

The base was filled with gravel, but now they are solid with a plastic cowl for protection.

Do I get traffic cones with the set?

The traffic cones do not come as part of the Roadside Special or Roadside Set ranges unless we have a special promotion running. Please call the office for details on 01427 890977. They can however be purchased separately.

Are the traffic lights easy to carry?

The PC Traffic light weighs 8kg and is easy to pick up and move. Suitable for Nursery workers to pack away each day and for Road Safety Officers to lift in and out of a car boot.

Are spares parts available?

The majority of the components for this range can be purchased separately, as needed. They are not however listed on the website. Please call our office for details Tel 01427 890977

What size is the tabard and hat set?

The standard tabard supplied is to fit a 4-6 year old child. These are generously sized and are intended to fit over the top of existing clothes. A longer size, suitable for 6-8 year olds is available on request.

Is the tabard washable?

Machine washable. Instructions are on the label attached to the outfit.

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