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FAQ - Wonderland Dens

What size is it?

Height : 1200mm x Width/Front : 1400mm x Depth : 850mm

How many children can use it?

Up to 4 children aged up to 6/7

Is the cover washable?

Both the outer cover and the cover for the base mat are washable.

What are the four different functions it can perform?

  1. A reading/creative writing Den with the cover closed, a wall lining in place inside and with the lights on

  2. A Dark Den with the cover closed and the lights off.

  3. A Puppet Theatre with the front open and tied back and the base mat tied to sides

  4. A stage/Role Play area  with the front open and tied back.

Can I use it as a dark Den?

Yes. The cover is lined inside to help create a very dark environment inside.

Is it easy to move about?

The den is lightweight and easy to lift by two people, one at each end. In order to move it through narrow doorways it may need to be folded up. See 'How do you fold it up'

How do you fold it up?

The cover pulls straight off, from the top. Lay it with the outside on the floor and the starry inside roof set out as a rectangle. Fold sides into rectangle. Now fold up, so that it will fit into storage bag provided.

The four roof beams can then be pulled straight out. The small section of the lights are then detached. The front top and bottom braces then unscrew, allowing the frames to fold together, with the banners and lights still in place. It takes about 3 minutes to fold up in this way and no tools are required.

For longer term storage, the banners should be unfastened and replaced in the storage tube provided. The cover, lights are fittings can be packed away in the storage bag provided.

Can I hang things up inside?

Yes. The roof beams are visible on the inside and it is easy to tie things to them

Are usage instructions provided?

Permanently attached to every den is a laminated card explaining how to use and fold up the den as well as how to change the banner walls.

Are the banners easy to change over?

There are two banners that make up the inside walls. They attach using eyelets and toggles. It takes about 1 minute to fit both and this is very straight forward. Simple a matter of pushing toggles through eyelets.

How do the lights attach? And Do they get hot?

They attach using special Velcro strips. This enables them to be easily removed, if they are needed for another purpose. This rope light incorporates special LED bulbs which may feel warm to the touch after a while, but will not become hot to the degree that would cause concern or may burn.

By ensuring the banners inside match the current writing theme, then it can be very useful in focusing children's attention and helping them think creatively. Directed questions from the How can I get the most from using the Den?

If the den is used as just another piece of equipment within a classroom it will have limited use. It works best when the banners are changed regularly and its use is focused for reading and creative writing only. The den has a proven appeal to children right through the primary age group. If they get the message that they can only use it in order to read and that this is a special privilege then it will increase the desire to read.

teacher to help the child imagine they are part of the scene is also most beneficial.

Is it easy to remove the cover?

The cover lifts straight off, by pulling it upwards.

Can I attach things to the outside?

To avoid using pins the red fringe is made in a Velcro compatible fabric, so ideally use Velcro pads on the back on whatever is to be attached and then attach to the fringe, if possible.

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