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FAQ - Clear Blinds / Board Blinds

What size are the Clear Blinds?

They vary in size and have been specifically sized to fit specific interactive whiteboards that are commonly available. The width of the clear sheet ranges from 950mm to 1625mm. See also 'How do I know which Clear Blind to choose?'

How do I know which Clear Blind to choose?

Measure the width of the WHITE INTERACTIVE AREA of the board. (In other words, exclude the frame) Then have a look though the range of blinds to see which blind 'sheet width' would best suit. Ideally the clear blind sheet wants to be slightly narrower than the 'white interactive area'.

I can't find a clear blind to fit my interactive?

Telephone our office for alternative suggestions

I am not sure whether I can use a clear blind with my interactive Board?

If the answers to the following questions are YES, then you can fit a clear blind.

  • Is the interactive Board secured in a fixed position to the wall rather than one that can slide up and down?

  • Is there a 60mm high clear space directly above and all the way along the top of the board on the wall? OR If not can that space be made available?

  • Does the IWB stick out from the wall by no more than 60mm?

  • Are you able to screw into the wall, to attach the brackets?


If you have answered yes to all these questions then a clear blind can be fitted.


If you answered No to any of these questions, but really want a clear blind, please call our office to discuss how to accommodate your requirements.

How do they operate?

They roll up and down using the winding chain at the side.

What size are the Board Blinds?

These are manufactured in one size only. They are designed to fit over a wall mounted 6ft x 4ft whiteboard.

We can cut them down to fit smaller boards, as required however there is an additional charge of £15 per blind. Please contact our office to arrange


- The questions below relate to both the Clear Blinds and the Board Blinds -

How long do they last?

This is a difficult question to answer exactly. The product by its very nature is a large thin sheet of plastic which can be damaged easily if not handled properly. Having said that we have sold over 10,000 off this type of blind and have been surprised how long they last.

We offer a years guarantee and suggest a lifespan of between 1 and 3 years depending on use and care. We have only received one complaint in the last 8 years about how long they last.

How should they be stored when not in use?

When not in use, leave the blind full rolled up, at the top of the board.

Over the longer term it may be better to remove the blind from the wall brackets and store back in the storage tube provided.

My winding chain does not work?

Occasionally the winding chains are faulty when supplied. If this is the case, call us and we will send you a new one. They just pull out of the end of the tube and are easy to push back to.

What whiteboard markers should I use?

There are so many markers now available and so many branded up especially for suppliers that we cannot offer a definitive list of which to use. However all the popular makes work fine except for the following:

  • The Sandford EXPO range

  • The Berol  purple marker only

  • Old Berol markers


Nobo, Staedtler, Pentel, Penflex, Zebra, Dixon and most Berol Pens, all work fine.

How do I clean the blind?

  • For daily cleaning : Use a whiteboard eraser, duster or soft clean cloth

  • For Weekly cleaning : Use a whiteboard cleaning fluid over the writing area.

  • To remove stubborn marks : Use white spirit or meths and a soft clean cloth

  • To remove permanent marker and deep stains : Use cellulose thinners. We can supply this to you or it can be purchased from auto spares shops.


Ensure that all of the above are only applied to the front side of the blind. Feel free to contact us, if you need further advice on 01427 890977

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