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FAQ - Timelines

What is the difference between the PVC timeline and the outside plates?

The PVC version is made from soft reinforced banner grade PVC. It has eyelets around the perimeter for hanging purposes. It can be wrapped around corners and is easy to roll up and store, if this is preferred. The Timeline for outside is exactly the same size, as the PVC one, but comprises a series of rigid aluminum plates which butt together to create a continuous length. These plates are overlaminated for extra weather protection and have corner holes allowing them to be screwed onto a wall.

How long are these timelines?

The standard versions are 890cm x 21cm. With 3 local national plates, the length increases to 917cm x 21cm.

If I want a timeline including local history, what do I have to provide?

You can telephone/ email or order online using the appropriate product code. Having recognised that product code, we will contact you to request the images and text required to create the additional local/national plates. Up to three pictures can be included per local plate and a title and date for the text, such as : '2007 - School was flooded'.

How long does is take to supply a timeline which includes local information?

About 2 weeks from receiving all the artwork and text.

What are QR codes?

These are small black and white squares that look a like a cross between a barcode and a puzzle. These can be scanned using an 'ap' on a mobile phone/tablet/ipad. They immediately take you to an online resource page, containing information about all the pictures, general information about the time period and links to other websites, containing even more detail.

My mobile cannot scan the QR codes?

Not all mobiles come with a QR reader. If not, search online for 'QR reader app' and download.

Is there any other way to get the additional information, other than using the QR codes?

Yes, find the brochures link on the right side of the home page of this website and all the additional information pages are there. They are in pdf format and can be downloaded or printed off.

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