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FAQ - PVC Strip Doors

Do you offer a fitting service?

We do not provide an installation service for this product, as it is easy to install and so they are sold as a self fit product.

What is involved in fitting a strip door?

Go to the brochure section of this website, and download ‘PVC strip doors - intro guide’. This provides details of what is involved in fitting one of these strip doors, where to fit them and what measurements are required.

The standard sizes of Strip doors available do not fit our doors?

Rarely do the strip doors fit a doorway exactly. Normally the hanging rail will need cutting to fit and the pvc strips trimming to length. This is straightforward to do and is explained in the product instructions. The key is to select a strip door that is the same or larger than needed and then cut it down to fit. If the size required is very different to one of the three standard sizes available, then a bespoke door can be made upon request. We can produce these doors to any width or length.

Can you produce these doors bespoke?

If none of the three standard sizes are suitable, then we can produce these doors to any width or length. Provide the size and width needed and we can give you a quotation.

What component parts make up a strip door?

Strip doors comprise of :

  1. A stainless steel hanging rail, which mounts onto the door frame

  2. Hook plates that bolt onto the pvc strips

  3. PVC strips

All screws, bolts and fitting instructions are included.

Can I have a rail cut to an exact measurement?

This cannot be guaranteed, as it depends on the position of the hooks on the rail. A strip cannot hang from half a hook, so rails can be cut between each hook only. This normally means that we can cut to within 25mm of the required length.

Do these doors conform to fire safety regulations?

Can strip doors be mounted over fire doors?

These strip doors conform to relevant flammability tests for use in buildings. They can be mounted over fire doors, providing the door itself is not locked. It is however advised that their use is considered as part of the schools overall fire safety policy and that any concerns are discussed with the local authority fire officer, prior to purchase. We can email you a copy of our safety guidance sheet upon request.

What type of door frame will they attach to?

These strip doors can be mounted onto wood, metal, aluminium and upvc frames or onto a plaster/brick/block wall.

Can a strip door be used if there are already door closers attached to the door.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes the hanging rail can be attached underneath the door closers, avoiding the difficulty. Sometimes the strip door can be hung on the other side of the door frame, avoiding the problem.

Some door closers have arms which do not protrude out from the door frame when closed. It is normally possible to attach the strip doors in these cases.

Where door closers have arms that do protrude out from the door frame, that normally means strip doors cannot be fitted or at least not without making some adaptations.

Can you see through them?

You can see very clearly through the clear doors You can see clearly enough through the rainbow coloured doors, to see if anyone is coming the other way. You cannot see through the blackout doors, which are completely opaque.

Are replacement PVC strips available?

Replacement strips are available in all colours and can be found with the strip door products on this website.

Is the PVC used suitable for school use?

The weight of PVC used in these doors varies depending on the usage. The doors we supply are all fitted with 2mm thick PVC strips. These are judged as being more suitable for use with children. Thicker strips can be quite heavy if pulled up and let go onto another child, so we use the lighter strips.

The wind still blows through our strip door?

The existing strips can all be overlapped more and then additional strips added to effectively make the door denser and better at keeping out the wind. Additional strips can be purchased from the strip door section of this website.

Can I choose onto which side of the door to fit my strip door?

The strip door should not be fitted onto the side of the doorway into which the doors swing open.

Can they be fitted outside.

They can the fitted onto the outside of a building. The hanging rails are stainless steel, so will withstand the weather. The pvc will however fade over the years and may be quite stiff in very cold conditions.

Should the strip door rail be attached to the inside or outside of the door frame or perhaps the wall above?

It is possible to fit the rail in all three of these positions. Download the ‘Strip doors - Intro guide’ flier from the brochures section of this website which will help you decide the most suitable place to attach it, for your doorway.

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