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FAQ - Theme Screens

Can I use the frames outside?

Yes. The frames can be used outside and are indeed designed for that purpose. The frames are galvanised, thus limiting rusting. In inclement conditions however it is best to store them undercover and also when not in use in order to extend product life.Also, separate the two frames and keep the hinge parts greased. This will ensure that they don't rust and stick.

Can the frames be moved around easily?

They are designed with nurseries in mind. To move them, separate the two frames and carry each, individually. Each frame weighs about 9kg and can be lifted by one person and is very easy to manage with two people.

How do I store the frames?

The frames must be stored in a covered area to limit rusting over time. Either separate the frames or fold them together and lean against a wall.

Are they stable and safe?

We recommend setting the two frames at right angles. There is a locking bar on top that then locks the frames into this position. This prevents them from folding up and falling over. They are very stable and safe when used like this and they help create a defined role play space.

If you want to use the frames in a more open way, ie detached from each other, then the Foot pack is required.

It is not recommended to use the Theme Screens in a very exposed area in very windy conditions, as they are large flat panels that could be caught by the wind. Banners should be removed from the frames at such times or the frames folded and stowed until the conditions settle.

Do I need the feet?

You only need the feet, if you intend to open up the frames to more than 90 degrees, separate the frames or use them in a straight line.

Will the frames fold together with the feet attached? More stability?

No. If this would be helpful, then the frames can be set up so that they hinge together in the centre and nearly close up. This is achieved by attaching feet to both ends of one panel and to only one end of the other panel (to the end without the hinge). This means that the frames are used with three feet, not four and they can remain hinged together. They will fold together until the feet meet.

Can I attach a banner to the reverse of each frame?

Yes. There are toggles fitted specifically for this purpose.

Can I use the mirror and whiteboard insert panels on the Mini range?

Yes. They clip on in the same way as on the large panels

Can I use the den conversion kit on the Mini frames?

No. We don't have a den available for this range.

Can I use my Theme Screen banners on the Wonderland Den?

Yes. The banners for the inside walls of the Wonderland Den are fitted with one large Theme Screen banner and a mini banner too. If you only have the large banners this works perfectly well and still looks very effective.

The banners flap against the mesh in the wind?

This can sometimes occur if the wind is high and hits the frames at a certain angle. The way to avoid this is to put another banner on the reverse of each frame. This means there is a banner on both sides and this stops the flapping. If you don't want to have another scene showing on the reverse side, then attach the banner, with the reverse white side of the banner facing outwards.

Are the banners hardwearing and cleanable?

The banners are made from reinforced banner grade PVC. They are very durable, easy to roll up and store and can be wiped down if dirty using a damp cloth/sponge.

Do the banners fade?

The images will fade a little with time, particularly if left out in continuous sunlight. We recommend changing the banners regularly (each term, at the least). We have had no customer complaints on this issue.

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