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A scenic backdrop, that can be made to measure for your school stage. The backcloth features a Robin Hood type image and is an ideal theatrical scene setter for Robin and the Hoodies, the school play or performance or can be used as part of a display, scenery for a stage, retail or work locations, a celebration, promotional event or to create a role play area. The STANDARD PVC banner option offers minimal light reflection and is supplied with and needs to be stowed rolled up on a core tube. The NON GLARE option is lightweight, foldable and does not reflect any light. Both materials are fully fire retardant. Hanging options include: Free-standing backdrop frames, hanging rails, tension cables, overhead tracking or simple hook and toggle sets. Choose either this background or send us your own image. If the size required is not shown, then call us on 01427 890977 for a quote. Please allow 10 days from ordering for delivery. PVC.

Robin and the Hoodies Backdrop

SKU: B2019
Excluding VAT
  • For a selection of images like the one above, and to ensure that you get the correct fabric and hanging option for your backdrop please contact

    In order to get an idea of cost for your backdrop or should you wish to place an order online, choose either:                                                        Standard PVC Backdrop

    Non Glare Backdrop

    If you need a bespoke size, then let us have the dimensions needed and we’ll work out a price for you.

    Depending on usage, we may need to request an additional payment to obtain the correct image license. (You would have the right to a refund/cancel at this point).

    If you need solutions for displaying your backdrop then visit Backdrop hanging & Frames or provide details of your requirements.

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