Whiteboard & overlay system

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A large, portable, multi coloured whiteboard with a rear storage slot to accommodate a wide range of plastic overlays, printed in designs covering numeracy, literacy, science and geography. The overlays stand up on the big book rail at the front, covering the whiteboard surface when in use. All are drywipe compatible and can also be used in conjunction with a range of magnetic accessories. Table top or easel versions available. Whiteboard size : 740 x 650mm.

‘We have received the easel this morning, thank you its brilliant’
Annick, Bearwood Prep School


Calendar Overlay Calendar Overlay

£13.99   £11.99 (£14.39 inc vat)

Handwriting Practice Lines Overlay

£14.99 (£17.99 inc vat)

grid square overlay Grid Square Overlay

£13.99   £12.99 (£15.59 inc vat)

Table Top Magnetic Board

£129.99   £119.00 (£142.80 inc vat)

whiteboard easel coloured Whiteboard Easel

£149.99   £129.99 (£155.99 inc vat)

Lines Dry Wipe Overlay Lines Dry Wipe Overlay

£13.99   £12.99 (£15.59 inc vat)

alphabet & lines overlay Alphabet & Lines Overlay

£13.99   £11.99 (£14.39 inc vat)

Ninety Nine Square Overlay Ninety Nine Square Overlay

£13.99   £12.99 (£15.59 inc vat)

clear overlay image Clear Overlay

£8.99   £6.99 (£8.39 inc vat)

Overlays - Literacy Pack Overlays - Literacy Pack

£99.99   £79.99 (£95.99 inc vat)

clocks overlay Clocks Overlay

£13.99   £11.99 (£14.39 inc vat)

Hundred Square Overlay

£13.99   £12.99 (£15.59 inc vat)

Easel Whiteboard - 'Start up' Set

£199.00   £174.00 (£208.80 inc vat)

Table Top Overlays - Full range of 27 designs

£245.00   £225.00 (£270.00 inc vat)

Clear Table Top Overlays - Pack of 10

£59.99   £49.99 (£59.99 inc vat)

Graph Square Overlay

£13.99   £12.99 (£15.59 inc vat)

Multiplication Square Overlay

£13.99   £12.99 (£15.59 inc vat)

Find the Letter Overlay

£13.99   £11.99 (£14.39 inc vat)

numeracy overlays pack Overlay - Numeracy Pack

£109.99   £99.99 (£119.99 inc vat)

Table Top Board - 'Start up' Set

£175.00   £155.00 (£186.00 inc vat)

a-m letter forming overlay A to M Letter Forming Overlay

£13.99   £11.99 (£14.39 inc vat)


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Learning with Linden works with teachers up and down the country, helping to convert their needs and ideas into finished educational products. Early years equipment, numeracy aids, literacy products, role play resources and road safety equipment are just some of the areas in which designs have been developed. The learning equipment and teaching aids we offer are designed and tested out in schools and they will last for years. Each comes with a 12 month guarantee.

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