Shop Den

Can I still use the den as a den when the counter is in place?

Yes, the front flaps will go around the counter. It just leaves a little bulge at the front

What’s involved in fitting the counter kit?

The bottom brace at the front of the den is removed, slotted through a loop in the red shop front cover and then relocated half way up the frame. There are 2 plastic wing nuts to untighten/tighten to achieve this. The ‘V’ mounts slot over the brace ends and then secure to frame with another 2 wing nuts. The counter is laid in place and secured at sides with wing nuts again. It takes less than five minutes to perform this change and no tools are required.

What does 2 coloured counter mean?

The counter and mounts are laminated yellow on one side and light blue on the other. It attaches either side up, allowing the most appropriate colour to be chosen to go with the role play resources available.

Does the counter only fit in one position?

No, there are 2 positions. The lower position is counter height, the higher position is suitable as a puppet theatre platform.

How is the edge of the counter finished?

The whole edge of the counter is a ‘half round’ and at each end of the counter the sides bevel in to avoid having protruding corners. The edge has a laquered finish. The surfaces are made from hardwearing worktop type laminate.

How do the accessories attach?

The red fringe on the top of the den and the shop front are made from a velcro compatible fabric. All the accessories are supplied with velcro strips, making it very easy to attach them.

How are the accessory kits supplied?

The accessories are printed and supplied on A4 sheets with each shape having a border outline to cut around. Supplied with laminated pockets and Velcro strips. There are usually 4 or 5 sheets per set.

Is the counter front fabric long enough when the counter is set up in the higher position?

Yes. When set up as a counter, in the lower position, the excess fabric on the shop front neatly hangs over the back of the supporting brace, unseen. It is utilised to its full length when the counter is in the higher position.

What are the backdrops made of?

They are made in the same way as all our other backdrops, using banner grade reinforced PVC and eyeleted around the perimeter. They are easy to roll up and each is supplied in a storage tube.

How do the backdrops attach?

There are 8 elasticated toggles, attached to the den frame which are pulled through the eyelets on the backdrops. It takes a few minutes only to swap them over.

How do I store the shop counter when its not required?

The shop conversion kit includes a storage bag in which all the components can be safely kept until required again. The backdrops roll up and slide into storage tubes provided.

How many children can use the Shop Den?

Three children can easily use the counter at the same time from each side.

I do not have a wonderland Den, so what do I need to purchase to get set up with this product?

The best value option is the Shop Den Kit code 622. This includes the den frame, lights, shop counter and front, a backdrop of choice and the relevant accessory pack.

I already have a Wonderland Den, so what do I need to buy to create the Shop Den?

The Wonderland Den Shop conversion Kit, code 621, then the Backdrop and Accessory Pack of choice. Please also read the next Q & A however.

I purchased a Wonderland Den prior to 8/8/2015. Will the Shop Conversion work?

Wonderland Dens purchased before this date do not have suitable screw threads built into the frame, however they can be easily adapted providing there is someone available who is handy with a drill. Instructions for adapting the frames are available on request.

What size is the counter?

1400mm x 280mm x 16mm

Is the counter wide enough for a toy cash till?

Nearly all the cash tills available for children and schools will fit on the counter top.

Do I need the lights?

Be sure when ordering to check whether lights are included in your Den Kit, to avoid disappointment. The lights are vital if you want children to be able to read inside the den when all the flaps are closed. The additional illumination also helps get the best from the backdrops. The lights can however easily be purchased and fitted at a later date.

Are the lights safe?

The lights are 12v low voltage, to avoid any danger of shocks. There is also a quick release joint, so if the den was moved without having first unplugged the lights, the power cable will separate without causing any damage.

Any more information about the Wonderland Den?

Go back to the home page, select dens, then choose Wonderland 4 in 1 dens. You can download a flier, view a video of the product in use and read FAQ’s relating specifically to this product.

Can the backdrops available for the Wonderland Den be used on the Shop Den?

Yes, all the backdrops are the same size and fit whether the counter is in place or not.

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