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Winner of the 'Best New Activity Toys' award at the Nursery and Creche Show the Roadside Range provides a significant contribution to the quality of any outside play area, offering valuable lessons in road safety too. Special compact bases on the traffic lights and road signs keep them upright even on the windiest of days, and safe and sturdy abound ensuring these signs will last and last and last.

Ambulance Backdrops - large Ambulance Backdrops - large

£79.99 (£95.99 inc vat)

Ambulance Backdrops - small Ambulance Backdrops - small

£59.99 (£71.99 inc vat)

Belisha Beacons - pair

£155.00   £149.99 (£179.99 inc vat)

Childs car dashboard Driving Centre

£299.00   £149.99 (£179.99 inc vat)

Fireman outfit Fire Officer Outfit

£33.99 (£40.79 inc vat)

Fire officer outfit Fire Officer Outfit

£33.99 (£40.79 inc vat)

highwayman traffic cones - pair Highwaymen Traffic Cones - Pair

£18.50 (£22.20 inc vat)

childs's lollipop sign Lollipop

£42.99   £35.99 (£43.19 inc vat)

paramedic outfit Paramedic Outfit

£33.99 (£40.79 inc vat)

paramedic overjacket outfit Paramedic Overjacket

£15.99 (£19.19 inc vat)

Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Light

£199.99 (£239.99 inc vat)

police overjacket outfit Police Overjacket

£15.99 (£19.19 inc vat)

policeman outfit Policeman Outfit

£33.99 (£40.79 inc vat)

Childs Stop sign Road Sign - STOP

£78.99   £38.99 (£46.79 inc vat)

Road Sign 30mph

£78.99   £38.99 (£46.79 inc vat)

kids traffic lights and road signs Roadside Special

£679.99   £615.00 (£738.00 inc vat)

Child's roadworks sign Roadworks Sign

£64.99   £44.99 (£53.99 inc vat)

school crossing outfit School Crossing Patrol Outfit & Hat - 4-6years

£29.99 (£35.99 inc vat)

school crossing outfit School Crossing Patrol Outfit & Hat - 6-8years

£29.99 (£35.99 inc vat)

Theme Screen Frames - large Theme Screen Frames & Feet - large

£325.00   £239.00 (£286.80 inc vat)

Theme Screen Frames - small Theme Screen Frames - small

£199.00 (£238.80 inc vat)


About Learning with Linden

Learning with Linden works with teachers up and down the country, helping to convert their needs and ideas into finished educational products. Early years equipment, numeracy aids, literacy products, role play resources and road safety equipment are just some of the areas in which designs have been developed. The learning equipment and teaching aids we offer are designed and tested out in schools and they will last for years. Each comes with a 12 month guarantee.

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