Pack of Full Range of 28 Overlays - with battens

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Minimum quantity for "Pack of Full Range of 28 Overlays - with battens" is 1.

The full current range of overlays (excluding the Magnetic Overlay - code 37) are available as a pack, Included: 1. Clear (code 64a) 2. Hundred Square (code 38a) 3. Ninety Nine Square (code 74a) 4. Grid Square (code 39a) 5. Multiplication Square (code 75a) 6. Graph Square (code 73a) 7. Function Factory (code 68a) 8. Thermometers (code 252a) 9. Big Dial (code 253a) 10. Clocks (code 41a) 11. Shapes (code 40a) 12. Purse & Money (code 159a) 13. Counting Lines (code 66a) 14. Dots (code 160a) 15. Dots Plus (code 161a) 16. Street Scene (code 254a) 17. Lines (code 39a) 18. Full Width Lines (code 67a) 19. Alphabet & Lines (code 65a) 20. Hand/Eye Co-ordination (code 255a) 21. A-M letter Forming (code 256a) 22. N-Z Letter Forming (code 256ca) 23. Find the Letter (code 257a) 24. Map of Europe (code 259a) 25. Map of United Kingdom (code 260a) 26. Calendar (code 69a) 27. Venn Diagramm (code 261a) 28. Practise Lines (code 262) BATTENS: Battens help to keep the overlays flat during use and must be purchased if using the overlays with any of our overlay holders. ALSO AVAILABLE: Full Range without battens.

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