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Our Focus :

As the strap line reads, our aim is to produce 'Creative Classroom Resources'. Teachers come to us with their ideas or express a need that is not being fulfilled. We always respond to these requests and endeavour to create a solution. At other times we have gone out to schools to ask teachers what they require. These two approaches have given birth to nearly all the products in the Linden range.

We try to combine with this the need to offer a fair price for a good quality product.

The Primary Years matter

It is no coincidence that Learning with Linden specialises in Primary school resources. It is important to us that our designs are not just created for the sake of it or just to have something to sell. They have to fundamentally have a useful purpose. We recognise that the primary years of any child's life are the most important and will be the most influential on the rest of his/her life.

It has also been a delight over the years to visit thousands of schools throughout the UK and be a part of helping the development of young lives with so many dedicated professionals.

Care of the Environment

We endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment each year. Over the last few years we have introduced changes to help save waste and the unnecessary use of energy.

These steps include :

  • Changing our office and warehouse heating system.
  • Not heating areas unnecessarily.
  • Insulating our office roof.
  • Increasing recycling to 95% of office/warehouse waste.
  • Ensuring that all non usage packaging and paper is transformed into packing filler.
  • Only heating water required and only once for drinks.
  • Turning off computers when not in use.
  • Turning off standby type devices.

These changes are modest but it is worth noting that they help our business run more cost effectively as well as reducing our environmental impact. We do however harbour a vision to become the most eco friendly company in the industry. This is part of our medium term strategy and includes moving into a purpose built eco centre within the next 10 years.


Learning with Linden was first established in 1986, specialising in wooden toys. We have branched out much since then and now have many products covering literacy, numeracy, PSHE, storage, role play, road safety and the early years.

Industry Awards

Imaginative Play Winner Good Toy Guide
Activity Play Winner Childcare Business
New Product Winner Nursery and Creche Show
Role Play Resources Winner Nursery Equipment awards
Role Play Resources Highly Recommended Nursery equipment awards
Imaginative Play Highly Recommended Good Toy Guide
Nursery world Short Listed  
Educational resources awards Short Listed  

Learning with Linden - the name

People often ask where this name comes from. The answer is that Linden is the name of a type of tree that exists through out the northern hemisphere. Also known as the Lime tree or Basswood in the US, it has some great qualities and was regarded in pre Christian Germanic mythology as being portentous in 'unearthing the truth'.

As it is a glorious gift that new ideas come into the human mind to help resolve a particular problem, this is an acknowledgement that it is not mankind who can claim the credit for this. As Learning with linden's success and longevity in the educational market is based on its ability to come up with new ideas, we offer thanks.

The wood of the tree is well known for its lack of graininess, making it easy to work in all directions. Wonderful sculptures have been fashioned out of this material, just as we try to create great new products from fledgling thoughts and expressions of need.

Other Linden wood qualities include :

  • Lightweight, as well as strong and stable
  • Not warping with time
  • Flexible
  • And giving off a light fragrance

We hope as a business to reflect these qualities too and that your experience when dealing with us will be a light and fragrant one.

About Learning with Linden

Learning with Linden works with teachers up and down the country, helping to convert their needs and ideas into finished educational products. Early years equipment, numeracy aids, literacy products, role play resources and road safety equipment are just some of the areas in which designs have been developed. The learning equipment and teaching aids we offer are designed and tested out in schools and they will last for years. Each comes with a 12 month guarantee.

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