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Available for most makes and sizes of wall mounted interactive whiteboard, clear blinds allow teachers to use their interactive as a conventional whiteboard and for highlighting from the web. Easy to fit, they sit unobtrusively on the wall above the IWB, hugging the whiteboard surface as they roll down. Its just like writing onto a normal whiteboard. Sizes 950 - 1625mm wide, with 1200mm drop.

Clear Blind - 1625mm

£59.00 (£70.80 inc vat)

Clear Blind - 1565mm

£59.00 (£70.80 inc vat)

Clear Blind - 1474mm

£59.00 (£70.80 inc vat)

Clear Blind - 1300mm

£59.00 (£70.80 inc vat)

Clear Blind - 1280mm

£59.00 (£70.80 inc vat)

Clear Blind - 1215mm

£59.00 (£70.80 inc vat)

Clear Blind - 950mm

£59.00 (£70.80 inc vat)

clear whiteboard sheet Replacement clear sheet

£39.00 (£46.80 inc vat)


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